6th Annual Tulsey Awards

Nominee - Teri Fermo

Teri Fermo


Bohemia, Moveable Feast Caterers


Tulsa entrepreneurs are unique in the world. How have your endeavor(s) added value to our community and the future of Tulsa?
I have strong bonds to the community through providing food truck catering services in Tulsa, serving hot breakfasts and take home food at Cherry Street Farmers' Market, selling prepared foods through the Oklahoma Food Coop, and serving lunch at Guthrie Green. I support local businesses and farms for my ingredients.

If you aren’t failing, you aren’t succeeding. Share with us some of your failures to better understand how you have taken the lessons learned and applied them to support getting to where you are today.
Two weeks ago, I really packed out my schedule. I did Cherry Street Farmers' Market, up at 2:30 a.m., at the shop at 4:00, at the market at 5:00, served from 7:00 to 11:00 and then turned around and did a '50's wedding themed dinner from 4:30 to 11:30. I then woke up and did a Sunday brunch from 11:00 to 2:00. Everything went will, but I was just spent. It proved to me that while I was capable of working such a grueling schedule, I decided that I would not do that to myself again. Yes, it was lucrative, but nothing supercedes my health.

Being creative is vital to an entrepreneurial endeavors success. Share an out-of-the-box experience that has made you stronger as an entrepreneur.
I hadn't cooked on the truck for a long time this summer. My job was always out front selling, because no one can do that better than me. I was a waitress for many years prior to finishing culinary programs. Long story short, my employee showed up late and drunk AGAIN, so I told him to go home and cooked everything my own self. It was AWESOME. I made me realize that I am capable of that insane pace of lunch on a food truck.

Tell us a story that involved you that either at the time or looking back makes you laugh.
At that '50's wedding reception, I had a beautiful spread--several dips, fried chicken, sliders with all of the sides, and some other things. I had a macaroni and cheese section that had bacon bits, sun dried tomato relish, balsamic onions, and seasoned bread crumbs. These items were in small dishes on the side with little service forks in them.

I'm filling the little bowls when this guest says to me, "How in the f*ck am I supposed to get this bacon with this teeny fork?!"

I set down my plate, I dish out some mac, I set it down on the table and scoot bits onto it as Miss Bacon Entitled slithered away not realizing that I was not her buddy.


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