6th Annual Tulsey Awards

Nominee - Clark wiens

Clark Wiens

Arts & Entertainment

Circle Cinema


Tulsa entrepreneurs are unique in the world. How have your endeavor(s) added value to our community and the future of Tulsa?
The restoration of the Circle Cinema was motivated by various reasons - keeping alive Tulsa's Last Historic Cinema, but more important was fulfilling the mission of using film for community consciousness. In the process, my goal included bringing a large diversity of films not normally seen in Tulsa a short time after their New York/Los Angeles release date. Utilizing the non-profit 501 C-3 Corporation form allowed contributions for both capitol building and operations to be tax-deductible. We have partnered with over 100 other Tulsa non-profit organizations to bring enlightenment on subjects like only film can. Besides entertaining, film (as shown in a theatre) captures your whole senses. Students are taught about the difference of human beings and how much we are all alike. The Circle Cinema has become a window to the world through film, while providing entertainment that all Tulsans can be proud of - an 85 year old cinema restored with state of the art viewing with films that entertain and enlighten. And it has only begun to fulfill its mission as Oklahoma's movie palace with a purpose.

If you aren’t failing, you aren’t succeeding. Share with us some of your failures to better understand how you have taken the lessons learned and applied them to support getting to where you are today.
Circle Cinema has been built on failures and the ability to learn from same. We tried free football games from TV hoping our concessions would create an economic windfall. But football doesn't cut it as compared with other TV events such as Breaking Bad, which proved to have better concession sales. A major mistake was in not fixing the front of the old theatre as we commenced showing films south in the adjacent building. Even though we had been open for a few years, people thought we were under construction, and therefore not open. Now we are presenting our front completion as our best foot forward, even though most people still park in our rear parking area and enter from the back of the lobby. Another mistake was our failure to repair our parking lot, but instead focused on completing our two new film screens. In retrospect, we should have catered to our existing consumer base and delayed our opening. Henceforth, we are doing everything possible to accommodate our existing customer base. We will probably keep on making mistakes as we are traveling a road not traveled before in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Being creative is vital to an entrepreneurial endeavors success. Share an out-of-the-box experience that has made you stronger as an entrepreneur.
Successfully operating an independent film theatre in Tulsa, Oklahoma had been tried before. This time I knew I would succeed because having been in other businesses, I knew perseverance would pay off. But unlike the film theatres before, it would be a non-profit focusing on mutual cooperation with other non-profits. But we know non-profits only exist if you can make a profit and create public awareness so that many will support your cause or purpose. What proved successful was the effect this positive initiative had on supporters of the other non-profits. From their ranks comes the economic and moral support that made the Circle what it is today, Tulsa's bright film star with a mission of "Community Consciousness through Film," providing impetus for non-profits to work together to make Tulsa a better place to live.

Tell us a story that involved you that either at the time or looking back makes you laugh.
We get one to four stars for ratings for movies. Starting from scratch, we didn't get the best of movies. One day Jean Letcher, our executive director left a message to inform me that we had obtained four stars. Wow, we've hit a home run, and I was mentally spending it. It was only when I called her back that I was made aware we were showing two movies for a combination of four stars. Fame is fleeting.

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