6th Annual Tulsey Awards

Nominee - adele beasley

Adele Beasley


Heavenly Bread Co.


Tulsa entrepreneurs are unique in the world. How have your endeavor(s) added value to our community and the future of Tulsa?
I have been passionate about finding solutions to two pressing challenges in our community: 1) the lack of nutritious whole grain and locally produced foods in a state with soaring rates of obesity and diabetes and 2) the lack of job training and employment opportunities for women with criminal histories in a state with the highest rate of female offenders. Heavenly Bread Co. is the sustainable solution that tackles these issues.

At Heavenly Bread Co., operating as a social enterprise, we prioritize our social impact alongside our profitability. We bake handcraft breads from freshly milled whole-wheat flour and local raw honey in order to provide employment opportunities for marginalized Tulsans, specifically women with non-violent criminal histories.Within our first six months of operation, we have provided employment for two Tulsans and produced nearly a thousand loaves of bread.

As a social entrepreneur, my mission is to continue Heavenly Bread in order to drive social change. By using sustainable business solutions to solve social challenges, it’s a big win for everyone = sustainability + social impact, delicious nutritious bread + job opportunities.

If you aren’t failing, you aren’t succeeding. Share with us some of your failures to better understand how you have taken the lessons learned and applied them to support getting to where you are today.
My biggest mistake was trying to do it all by myself. As a founder I felt like I was responsible for everything about the business: finance, marketing, baking, packaging, delivering. Near personal collapse, I listened to others’ advise and began delegating tasks. I learned that I need to give employees more responsibility, to spend less time fighting fires and more time doing what I love- growing the company. Recognizing my failure, and empowering my employees has proven effective, nearly doubling Heavenly Bread’s sales.

Being creative is vital to an entrepreneurial endeavors success. Share an out-of-the-box experience that has made you stronger as an entrepreneur.
In order to make Heavenly Bread possible, we needed commercial kitchen space in a city with limited availability. Our solution was to create a symbiotic partnership with a local restaurateur, providing The Hen dinner rolls in trade for early morning kitchen hours. Experiences such as this have made me recognize that resourcefulness and creativity will propel Heavenly Bread in the future.

Tell us a story that involved you that either at the time or looking back makes you laugh.
We showed up to our first farmers market in the pouring rain without a tent cover. Knowing a tent was necessary for operation, we were initially devastated. However, several market vendors rushed to help us and loaned us a new tent for the day. I had expected the market to be a competitive place, but not having the tent cover actually catalyzed our relationship with other vendors and rooted us in the local farmers market community.

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